Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors has officially released their third model, and it’s their first crossover utility vehicle. After multiple delays, the Model X went into production last year. At a presentation back in January, company CEO, Elon Musk, stated that he wasn’t sure anyone should have even designed this car as it is very difficult to make. With early models already hitting the streets, build-quality issues are beginning to pop up.

In early July, one Model X crashed and rolled over while it was reportedly on autopilot. The accident happened on July 1st on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The vehicle hit a guard rail followed by a concrete median before rolling over and coming to a stop in the middle lane. The driver told police that the autopilot function was activated at the time.

Although there is no information pointing to the fact that the autopilot malfunctioned, other owners have voiced their complaints too. Multiple owners have cited doors that will not open on Tesla forums around the web. Other owners cited build-quality issues such as gaps in the molding and poorly-aligned door panels. One owner even mentioned a gap in the door jamb that seemed to be filled with putty!

2016 Tesla Model X3

Consumer Reports interviewed a Model X owner named Michael Karpf. He spoke about issues with the doors and heating system. He also said the large central touchscreen froze occasionally. Sadly, experts in the industry expected issues like this with the first Model X’s off the production line. Although the development process was very drawn-out, the automaker was still trying to finalize deals with suppliers just before production was scheduled to begin.

This means that it is likely that certain components weren’t available in production-ready form when the first Model X crossovers were built. Tesla had agreed to deliver the first models before the end of last year, so some experts in the auto industry believe they used hand-fabricated substitutes for some of the components. Of course, as Musk stated, thanks to some of the vehicle’s attention-grabbing features, it is complex to build. Quality glitches affect a lot of carmakers when launching new vehicles.

Aside from the quality issues, it’s easy to see why drivers were excited for the debut of the Tesla Model X. It may just be the greenest and fastest seven passenger vehicle on the market. Its standout falcon doors are very complex. They are power activated and lined with capacitive, inductive and sonar sensors. The sensors prevent the doors from opening too wide if there is something above them, like your garage ceiling. They are hinged above the glass, which allows them to fold away from obstacles such as cars parked next to you.

This three-row SUV is fully electric. The Model X shares its aluminum structure and much of its chassis with its predecessor the Model S. The two vehicles also share the same electric motors and battery pack. The Model X is equipped with all-wheel drive and a 90 kWh battery that provides 257 miles of range per charge. Tesla claims it will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

2016 Tesla Model X1The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has yet to conduct crash testing on the Tesla Model X, but the automaker is confident that it will receive high marks. The floor-mounted battery lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, which Tesla says makes the risk of rollover about half that of any other vehicle in its class. They also say that since the crossover doesn’t have a gas engine, the large trunk in the front of the vehicle acts as an impact-absorbing crumple zone. The battery support structure also provides incredible side impact protection.

Known for their innovative ideas and advanced technology, Tesla doesn’t disappoint with the Model X. This vehicle has a sprawling windshield that stretches all the way to the roof. It is the largest all glass panoramic windshield currently in production. There is a dark tint where the windshield would traditionally end, and it works to keep the cabin from heating up. Inside, a medical grade HEPA filter removes bacteria, pollen, pollution and viruses from the cabin air.

With extensive safety features, an abundance of technology and room for seven passengers plus their gear, it’s no wonder the Tesla Model X is a popular vehicle. Although it’s new to the market, more information will become steadily available as more of these vehicles hit the street. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more data is accessible.

2016 Tesla Model X2

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