Lexus NX 300h


Lexus’ Next SUV: The NX 300h

Lexus introduced its new luxury crossover SUV in 2015 and it began arriving at U.S. dealerships in November. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Don’t they already make a luxury crossover?,” and you’re correct. The popular RX is one of the top selling vehicles in its class, but this time around Lexus has introduced a smaller and less expensive crossover to their lineup – aimed at a younger audience.

The Basics

With an overall length of 182.3 inches and a wheelbase measuring 104.7 inches, the NX 300h is 5.5 inches shorter than the Lexus RX and has a 3.2-inch-shorter wheelbase. Official pricing for the Lexus NX 300h begins with a base price of $40,645. It comes standard with front wheel drive, but for an extra $1,490 the all-wheel drive option can be added. Lexus has stated the 300h gets 35 miles per gallon in the city and 31 on the highway with the front-wheel drive option, but that rating decreases by 2 mpg city and 1 mpg on the highway if buyers opt for all-wheel drive. Real world numbers are just starting to come in.


The Lexus NX 300h uses the same 2.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine and electric motor pair that is found in other Lexus models including the ES 300h. This system gives a total power output of 194 horsepower and comes standard with a continuously variable transmission. Unfortunately, this combination does not give the NX 300h a lightning fast acceleration rate, but it does keep the fuel economy in the mid-30s. It will probably hit 60 mph somewhere in the high 9-second range. Not bad for a crossover, and if you are buying a hybrid you probably aren’t terribly concerned about beating everyone off the line.


The Innovative Design and State-of-the-Art Technology

The innovative design of the NX 300h gives it a very unique look on the outside and a premium, yet sporty, look in the cabin. The most noticeable aspect of the exterior is the interestingly designed LED headlamps which gives the NX 300h a striking swagger. An easy-to-use touchpad controls most of the amenities inside, and the NX also offers an advanced navigation screen. Lexus also borrowed a page from the BMW handbook by equipping the NX 300h with a digital sound composer that plays vehicle noises through a speaker that is totally separate from the stereo. There is a volume button to go along with this speaker and it can be shut off completely if you prefer. Remind me…who likes to hear more car noise?


One of the best pieces of technology in the NX 300h is the built-in wireless phone charger. In addition, the dynamic 4.2-inch multi-information display will give you all the data you need on the vehicle’s vitals. Ambient lighting, NuLuxe seating, and an optional moonroof give the NX 300h Lexus’ standard luxury feel. This vehicle also offers ample leg room in the back seat and plenty of cargo space behind the seat as well. Standard safety features include a backup camera and additional features like blind spot monitoring can be added also.


Available Options

The sport-oriented F Sport model/package of the NX also went on sale in November, but is NOT available as a hybrid. It comes equipped with a mesh grille design, black exterior accents, different wheels, sport seats, and paddle shifters. Choosing this option will also get the buyer a retuned suspension and some interior trim changes for a sportier overall package. Other options will include the $2,140 navigation system, the $2,890 Premium Package, and the $4,885 Luxury Package which IS available on the 300h. A moonroof can also be added for an additional $1,100 and adaptive cruise control can be purchased for $900.


There is a lot of buzz about this new hybrid from Lexus, and rightly so. Stay tuned for updates and visit this page for official announcements. If you own one or have driven it, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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